Vehicle display driver become a favorite of IC manufactures

With the trend of automotive electronics, the demand for automotive electronic components continues to increase. Among them, the market demand for automotive touch panels and automotive displays maintains high growth. Automotive display IC products are becoming one of the product lines that IC manufacturers are trying to develop.


In the automotive field, display driver chips are mainly used in instrument panels, center consoles, head-up displays, rearview mirrors, driving recorder displays and so on. While the expansion of the vehicle display market is accelerating, the vehicle display driver IC is also ushering in an explosive period. The size of automotive screens began to increase from 6 inches to 7 inches or even larger, which led to a simultaneous increase in the size and quantity of driver IC.


From the perspective of the number of chips in the whole vehicle, traditional cars need 850 to 1050 chips, and new energy vehicles need 920 to 1180 chips. If diodes, triodes, and sensors are not counted, 400 to 500 chips are generally used, and these chips are distributed in the 7 major systems of the car.


With the trend of touch screen gradually replacing buttons, there is a strong demand from automotive manufacturers and supply chain manufacturers for highly integrated IC solutions to achieve space savings, reduce weight and cost, and facilitate component material management.


Among the many automotive chips, the demand for driver chips and communication chips accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 16%. The increase of new functions of new energy vehicles will lead to an increase in the number of some chips. The upgrade of specific functional modules has driven the demand for new technology products, which is the key factor for the strong demand for automotive chips so far.


Insiders pointed out that automotive IC products have more stable growth characteristics than consumer IC products such as mobile phones and TVs, and their prices and gross profits are also more impressive. Therefore, in recent years, IC manufacturers have tried their best to develop automotive driver IC.


The automotive driver chip market continues to grow, but because it is still at an early stage of development, the market scale growth is still relatively slow, and the automotive display market may not usher in significant growth until 2025.